At Sand Box Gaming, we set out to help fill a need in the ever-growing world of tabletop and board gaming - protecting the things we love to play. 

Before designing our modular inserts, most of our game piece storage included zip lock bags and rubber bands. While trying to find proper inserts, we kept coming across the same issue: every insert is specifically made for only a few dozen games. But what about all the rest? Using our collective levels of expertise both in and out of the hobby, as well as our passion for gaming, we have designed a truly unique product that fills that gap.

Board gaming has always been an amazing way to sit around a table and create memories with friends, and we want to help everyone continue to create those memories for years to come.



I bring the business and finance expertise to the community. I enjoy playing games because it brings together friends and family. My goal is to find the perfect soundtrack to each game I play.


I take care of the social media and marketing for the company. I’ve always loved playing games, particularly party games and big group games. It’s always been something I’ve loved doing with friends and family.


I’m the author of the blog and the Subject Matter Expert in the group. I eat, sleep, and breathe gaming and am always up for the longest, most complicated games available.


I oversee the website and email marketing. I also try to create cool images in Photoshop from time to time. I'll play just about anything as long as someone is willing to explain the rules--thanks Bracken. 


Hi, my name is Jimmy (“Hi, Jimmy”) and I am addicted to games. I design and engineer the products.


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