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Card Storage Box

Lockable & Custom Etching


Organize your card games with the

Card Storage Box, which comes with

three compartments to hold cards

and game pieces. Box size: 11.5" x 11.5" x 3.5"


Each side compartment holds 600 unsleeved (450 sleeved) cards for a total of 1,200 unsleeved cards (900 sleeved) for both the left and right drawer. 

Center compartment can hold game pieces and additional cards.

Card Storage Box comes with 8 dividers and the option to etch the name of the game on the name plates located at the front of the box.

Etching included with the price. 

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5 Card Storage Box Font Options

Games Great for the Card Storage Box

Living Card Games:

Arkham Horror LCG

Lord of the Rings LCG

Marvel Champions

Collectible Card Games:

Magic the Gathering



Deck Builders and Other Card Games:


Smash Up


Each Card Storage Box comes with three drawers (left, middle, and right). Each drawer has the option to have a name etched on the front. You can name all three drawers the same or have different names for each drawer.

Here are the font options to choose from:

Card Storage Box FONTS (White).png
Card Storage Box (5).jpg
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