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  • What material is used for the box inserts?
    We use 3mm Premium Baltic Birch Plywood - B/BB Grade.
  • Will I need to punch out the pieces when they arrive?
    No, the pieces will be delivered already punched out and ready for you to assemble.
  • Should I use wood glue to hold the pieces together?
    Yes. Each of our products is designed to be glued togther by using a small amount of wood glue while assembling. Always make sure to let it fully dry before putting your cards or pieces into the product.
  • How can I find out what storage works best for a specific game?
    The beauty of our product is that it is modular, so there isn't just one singular way that you can organize a specific game. However, we have a few ways that you can see what we recommend for specific games. We will post pictures on our social media of how the product fits in with specific games, and we will be issuing a blog each month that will walk through a review of a game and how we use our inserts to organize that game. We will also be offering discounts on the bundles discussed in those blog posts. Feel free to reach out to us on social media or through our comments section on the website if you want to request a particular game for us to review and organize on the blog.
  • How do I figure out which Sand Box Gaming pieces I need to organize my games?
    We would always recommend you measure the box first so you can determine what will fit. Once you know what size of box(es) you need, you can move onto the drawers and inserts. Figuring out space for cards is the easy part as each card insert description explains how many cards it can hold. You then will move onto the drawers if you have tokens, miniatures, dice, etc.
  • How much time does it take to put your products together?
    When you receive the products, they will already be punched out and ready to assemble. Depending on the component, it could take between 5-10 minutes to put one together. We provide step by step instructions so that it’s a simple and quick process. Please keep in mind that if you use wood glue in assembly, allow time for the glue to dry.
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