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Killer Bunnies Player Board.png
Bunny Board (UPDATED) w Cards.jpg

Killer Bunnies Player Board


A player board designed for Killer Bunnies. Use the player board to organize your top/bottom run cards, Kaballa dolla, mysterious places, zodiacs, metals, or whatever fits your gameplay style. 

Use the tracker to replace the need for vouchers. If you ever struggled to make change for your Kaballa dolla, track traded cabbage, or track the remaining milk from a partial use, now you can do it with this player board. 


Personalize each board with 9 different velvet color selections.


Player Board

Velvet (choose from 9 different colors)

10 tracker cubes (2 blue, 2 green, 2 white, 2 red, and 2 yellow)

Bunny Board (Cubes).png

*Game pieces sold separately. Assembly Required.

Bunny Board (UPDATED) - Yellow.png
Bunny Board (UPDATED) - Dark Red.png
Bunny Board (UPDATED) - Black.png
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