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Select one of the two upgrade options

for your Moonshine Empire Game

Pappy's Tavern Insert.png

Pappy's Tavern Insert


A customized storage solution designed with the team behind Moonshine Empire.

Note: Drawer and Crate add-on storage is already included in the Pappy's Tavern Insert.

Made with high quality baltic birch plywood, this insert will hold all game pieces for Moonshine Empire and help to enhance the gameplay experience.

Card Holder (2).png
Draw Towers (2).png
Moonshine Empire Add-on.png

Moonshine Add-On


If you do not need the full storage solution for Moonshine Empire (Pappy's Tavern Insert), but still want to make an upgrade to your game, you can purchase this add-on.


The add-on comes with four crates and a drawer to store them in. The drawer also has extra space for storage.

The upgraded crates and drawer are already included in the Pappy's Tavern Insert.

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