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A customized storage solution designed with the team behind Killer Bunnies. Made with high quality baltic birch plywood. The Bunny Box Storage and Gameplay Solution has room for the components coming in future boosters.


The top portion of the Bunny Box contains starter card stands, markets, metals exchange, discard piles, and many other great components.  Not only will these pieces allow for easy storage but they are meant to be used during game play to organize the table, pass cards easily, and display main components.  


The lower portion contains 6 slots for the card towers.  They lock into place when stored to keep them from sliding out.  These card towers can then be used during game play for people to draw from.  This storage unit allows for quick set up and quick clean up as well.

Bunny Box (for Killer Bunnies)

  • Individual pieces within the Bunny Box can be ordered seperately upon request. Personalized etching can also be requested. Please reach out to if interested. 

    Examples include: Card Towers, Discard Tray, and Market Stand. 

  • Blue Starter Deck
    Yellow Booster
    Red Booster
    Violet Booster
    Orange Booster
    Green Booster
    Twilight White Booster
    Stainless Steel Booster
    Perfectly Pink Booster
    Wacky Khaki Booster
    Ominous Onyx Booster
    Chocolate Booster
    Fantastic Booster
    Caramel Swirl Booster
    Creature Feature Booster
    Pumpkin Spice Booster
    Conquest Decks (Blue, Yellow, Red, Violet)
    Kinder Bunnies (Sky Blue, Sunshine Yellow)
    Also will be able to store components (dice, tokens, etc) for future boosters and allow for some of the additional cards.