A customized storage solution designed with the team behind Escape From Dulce. Made with high quality baltic birch plywood. The Escape From Dulce Storage and Gameplay Solution has room for all the cards and components in the core game.


This solution allows for all the components to fit snuggly in the box, including the 6 level dimensional game board, and will vastly improve time spent on set up and take down for the game. 


There are three pieces included in the set:


The first piece is a storage unit for the vast majority of cards, dice and a variety of the tokens that will be used in the game.


The second piece is an enemy storage and staging component. With each enemy needing specific tokens associated with it, we have designed an elegant and time-saving drawer that allows you to keep all your enemies organized neatly with immediate access to their corresponding initiative token.


The third piece, that stores just below the enemy storage and staging drawer, is another organizer that has a similar staging drawer for all the bosses you will face as well as enough storage openings for all the player and boss miniatures so they will stay protected in storage.


All three of these pieces nest wonderfully in the bottom of your Escape From Dulce core box leaving enough space above them for all the player files, map boards, rule books, etc.


Assembly Required.

Full Game Insert for Escape From Dulce

  • Enemy Tray: 11.08" x 7.95" x 2.045"

    Bottom Tray: 11.08" x 7.95" x 2.045"

    Side Insert (Cards): 11.08" x 3.13" x 4.09'


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