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If you feel you would rather have more room for cards and boxes you can get the Game Shell Without Drawers which allows for an even larger cavity to fill with a variety of different sized inserts. Please specify before you order what inserts (and sizes) you would like with your Game Shell.


Width: 3.5"

Depth: 8.17"

Height: 4.25"

Game Shell Without Drawers

  • Card Insert Sizes

    • Size 1 - 50 sleeved, 90 unsleeved
    • Size 1.5 - 85 sleeved, 145 unsleeved
    • Size 2- 120 sleeved, 200 unsleeved
    • Size 2.5 - 155 sleeved, 255 unsleeved 

    Draw Tower Insert Sizes

    • Size 1.5 - 55 sleeved, 110 unsleeved
    • Size 2 - 90 sleeved, 165 unsleeved
    • Size 2.5 - 125 sleeved, 220 unsleeved

    Remember that the insert sizes for the Game Shell Without Drawers must equal to a value of 5. Foe example, you can order one Size 2 Draw Tower Insert and three Size 1 Card Inserts or you can order two Size 2.5 Draw Tower Inserts.

    *Sleeved count may vary based on the thickness of your sleeve.